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PostPosted: Sat Apr 15, 2017 9:41 pm    Post subject:  Reply with quote

Before systems, the community vibe, and a culture of respect, dignity, inclusion and cohesion must be ensured. Halting the ungainly usurpation of a site by a charismatic but essentially toxic member, halting the alienation and/or expulsion of one of our less charismatic members, should come easy to us. That, and getting everyone to contribute something, and them not demanding a position, or status, as a prerequisite for them pitching in... 🤔

System tweaks mean nothing in a toxic community where unhealthy competition, and rapey PvP is more a focus than developing storylines. Hell, even Game of Thrones gives you ample time to become acquainted with a character, and their growth and development, before they are (often tragically) killed off.

If the interest in PvP is just healthy competition, PvPers will be content to only go up against other PvPers. Only if their desire is a sadistic, unhealthy desire to violate the treasured creations of PvE players, does a player want to be given free reign to steamroll other players, regardless of those players' interest (or lack thereof) in participating in min-maxing and breaking the site (and the more creative Players' inspiration and will to RP).

If there happens to be a time period where there are only one or two active PvPers, and those players' want to be let loose amongst the PvEers, it might be time to assess that person's mental state and whether their interests are community-serving, or self-serving.

The characters we play are just 10-100+ people out of villages/countries of (at least) hundreds of thousands. Just because people die in the Shinobi World, doesn't mean it always has to be a Player Character, especially if the death of NPCs can be used as a plot mechanism to provide motivation and/or premise for a Player Character.

Personally, developing a storyline is more important to me than hurting or pissing off my fellow players, but simply can only speak for myself, as everyone here has their own pool of experiences, preferences and likes/dislikes.

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